The number one reason people say they put off purchasing a puppy is the fear that they won’t be able to train it properly. In fact, some of the first questions we hear from clients when they’re considering just such a purchase are the following:

Is this breed easy to train?
How long does housebreaking take?
Can I train a puppy even though I work?
Can my kids help with the training?
Should I purchase a puppy when I’m on vacation to make training easier?
Do I need to fence in my yard before I purchase a puppy?

Our decision to offer unlimited training services to our new puppy owners at no additional charge, has proven to be a huge success. Unlike other facilities that offer nothing, or simply a referral to a trainer that typically charges hundreds of dollars for a basic lesson course, each of our puppies is sold with written training information and we offer lifetime support for the life of the puppy.

Before a client even takes their new puppy home, our staff goes through housebreaking procedures step by step. Our housebreaking techniques are applied around a working couples schedule and requires no paper training. In addition, some breeds can be litter box trained which works well for elderly clients, clients that work long hours, or apartment dwellers. Of course once the puppy is at home, the training goes further. Our staff are available by phone seven days a week for any questions or advice the new puppy owners have about housebreaking, feeding, problem correction etc. In addition, our kennel offers a private access online site with tons of advice covering many aspects of obedience training, socialization, feeding, and care for your puppy!

Training Perspective
In order to effectively train your puppy to live life happily in your home, you need to understand how a dog thinks. Dogs of today originally evolved from wolves and therefore are pack animals. Being part of a “pack” means that every dog in the pack (which in this case is your dogs human family) has a position either higher or lower than someone else. Similar to being a parent of a human child, you need to establish rules and limitations early on in your relationship with your puppy otherwise as your puppy grows he may try to take a higher or more dominant role in the household.

Equality simply doesn’t exist for pack animals. It is natural for a puppy as he matures to try to place himself in a higher position in his pack when he sees what he believes to be an opportunity to position himself as “top dog”. This opportunity comes for him when he sees what he perceives to be a weaker animal (human) in his pack. A home that does not provide consistency or an emotionally and physically safe environment, a home where a puppy is ignored or otherwise allowed too many liberties will soon become a home to a confused, frustrated, dominant and possibly aggressive dog. This is why training is imperative at an early age.

Have you ever watched a properly trained dog perform on T.V.? Did you notice not only how happy he is to perform his required tasks but how intently he watches his owner? That is because through consistency in training, he understands his position in his pack and is happy and content to comply with his pack leader! Only through dog training, can you transform the puppy of your dreams into the dog of your dreams. The result will be a dog that you are not just proud of and that others envy but a dog that loves and respects you!
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